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Scope of the conference

During evolution the extreme marine environmental conditions have produced adaptation strategies in marine microorganisms that are different from their terrestrial counterparts. This involves new natural products that are different from known structures of terrestrial organisms. However, the exploration of new drugs, enzymes or biochemical capabilities of marine origin is difficult. Less than 1 % of marine microorganisms can be cultivated so far, and for a negligible number of these known marine microorganisms genetic tools are available. Metagenomics, genome sequencing and the techniques of functional genomics make it possible to visualize potential metabolic and biochemical capabilities of even unculturable marine cells. The conference will present recent results of these new research fields and discuss the potential of molecular methods for the discovery of new natural compounds from marine microorganisms.

Major topics
Marine • Functional Genomics
• New Drugs
• Enzymes
• Metagenomics

Book of Abstracts

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